Who doesn’t want to celebrate the opening ceremony of the winter Olympics with a mini brownie cupcake? I have a strong belief that mini things make the best desserts for a party. Not only are they impossible to deny when walking by, but you also don’t have to feel guilty when you eat 3 because that’s equivalent to one regular-sized cupcake. Now if you feel guilty when you eat a regular-sized cupcake, well you should work on that, but minis are also the perfect option for you! I also find that they have the perfect ratio of frosting to cake. Minis also condone a civilized atmosphere as they enable all types of eaters to eat with class. There are two types of eaters, those that plop the whole item in their mouth and those that savor with bites. If you are either of these, minis will enable you avoid looking like you just stuffed your mouth uncomfortably full or like you treasure the small things in life.

Olympic rings in cupcake form

My roommate asked me to make her some type of Olympic themed cupcakes/cake/dessert to have at her opening ceremony party. I jumped at the chance as I am now off of the whole30 and have a stock pile of recipes to test out. I went with this brownie cupcake recipe as it’s been on my backlog for months and I am always looking to see if there is a chocolate cake recipe that will make me like chocolate cake! The batter definitely didn’t disappoint!

Olympic rings in cupcake form

I actually never have a problem with chocolate cake batter. I think that it is delicious, but when it comes to a cooked chocolate cake/cupcake it just doesn’t do it for me. I know that I am crazy to most people with this trait, but alas I am who I am. These cupcakes turned out pretty good for the chocolate cake lovers in the room, but ended up a little to cake an not enough brownie with me. I will definitely try to tweak the recipe in the future to make is more moist and more like brownie than cake in the hopes it will make my taste buds jump for joy. I tried my hand at an Italian Meringue Buttercream to adorn the Olympic ring and it turned out pretty darn delicious. Meringue buttercreams are definitely more work than an American buttercream, but they really are light and delicious.

mini cupcakes

Well, enough cake talk for now! I hope everyone tunes into the Olympics to celebrate the hard work of all the dedicated Athletes. It is always exciting to see all of the countries come together to show that we all have a lot more in common than we like to admit! I hope that you all have a grand time in the coming weeks watching the amazing feats of athleticism. I know that I will be watching any chance I can with the ones I love and maybe a dessert or three to share. Happy Olympics!