Men are demanding… There are a couple of guys with birthdays around the January/February switch. To celebrate them all we organized a little pizza tour in Boston followed by a time for cake because I like making cakes and they like eating them. The reason I say men are demanding is because instead of making one cake and piping three names on it, it was made clear that three separate cakes were required. When I say made clear I mean I offered it and they said they would love that and jokingly said it was required. I wanted to be sure that even though they were having a joint birthday party that they still felt special and celebrated!

Three types of cake

So I asked each of them for their requests and started planning. I was asked to make a prune cake (Italians…), a German Chocolate cake, and a whatever my heart desires cake. So I was excited to know that each cake would be something new and give me the opportunity to learn! I was very honored to get the opportunity to make the prune cake because it was not just any prune cake, but his family prune cake that had been passed down for a couple generations. It was awesome to be welcomed into that tradition and to get a glimpse of the actual recipe card that had cataloged all the generations.

prune cakes

As I was boiling the prunes for the cake, Brett came into the kitchen in fear of what I was doing due to the abnormal aroma wafting into the other rooms. In the end it ended up tasting pretty good and opened my eyes up to a fudgy frosting that I’d been in search of for awhile. The frosting recipe also came in handy when the frosting recipe I had planned for the German Chocolate cake didn’t work out as planned. I have never made a German Chocolate cake before and can’t really recall the last time I had even eaten one so that adventure was also rightly welcomed.

German Chocolate cake

This cake was also exciting in the end because it finally brought me a chocolate cake recipe that I could get behind! The cake was perfectly moist and fluffy. I also realized that I really do enjoy coconut. I think it is a great addition to add flavor and texture to otherwise mundane things. Although this cake ended up tasting great, I was pretty disappointed in my decorating job. The picture is kind of deceiving as it is the only angle that looked good. The frosting was still a little too warm when I put it on so the sides looked like a coconut crime scene. I guess that is what happens when you have to make three cakes in one day and you just want to go to bed. The next time will be better.

The last cake I was also disappointed in decoratively, but only because I had greater plans that got thrown off due to lack of time. The last cake was the whatever my heat desires cake which involved a recipe I had been dreaming about making for a couple months. I don’t think I have ever made a cake so rich and impossible to eat more than a slice of. This cookie dough cake consisted of two layers of edible cookie dough sandwiched between three layers of brown sugar cake wrapped in brown sugar frosting. I also added some chocolate ganache between the layers for good measure.

cookie Dough Cake

Like I said, richest cake yet. I ended up bringing the extras of this cake to my friends bachelor viewing night and was met with a text in the morning… “Katie, I could literally eat that cookie dough cake every day for the rest of my life.” So it definitely went over well taste-wise. All three cakes ended up being a success and I am thankful to have been given the chance to learn by making them as well as celebrate some people who mean a lot to me!

Three men and their cakes

I could tell that they were excited about the cakes and the day when they offered to take a picture (with smiles!) with their cakes. I mean they kind of smiled… not with their teeth… but at least their mouths all look like they are doing the same thing… It took a lot of time but it was 100% worth the time and mistakes. I hope that making cakes, desserts and really anything for the people around me will never stop bringing me joy. Happy snow day all!