Tess is the cutest. She is so precious even when I am babysitting her and all she wants is her mom and she is screaming in my ear. I was so honored to make her smash cake and knew it had to be perfect. Not because her or her mom demanded it, but because she is just so stinking cute I couldn’t have it any other way. Thankfully, I knew that her and her family would love anything that I made. My job didn’t stop at just making a smash cake for Tess. I also got to make some delicious cupcakes for the rest of us to eat!

cupcakes rosettes

These cupcakes started off on a good foot with these pretty rosettes. I thought that the colors ended up looking beautiful in their own right but also complemented each other well. Heather asked for gold gold gold so I added some gold luster dust. It added a fun pop of sparkle.

cupcakes with horseshoe

Lastly I adorned the cupcakes with little milk chocolate horseshoes. This part evolved a lot through the planning process. The horseshoes were originally going to be a lot thicker using a chocolate mold. I ended up deciding that there was no need to buy a mold when I could pipe a simple horseshoe and it would work better when actually trying to eat the cupcake. I was going to fill in the horseshoes, but decided I wouldn’t be able to smooth them out to my liking without messing up the shape so alas I ended up with the thinly piped horseshoes. I think they ended up looking pretty good and added a nice pop of chocolate!

Gluten Free cupcakes

This last set of cupcakes look a little different to differentiate the gluten from the gluten free. Whenever there is a get together with this family I love to practice my gluten free baking skills for Tess’s Aunt Adri. Not only does she say that it is good not matter what (confidence boost am I right!), but she also deserves to be a part of the party as well! It is always fun to test my skills and see how far I can be pushed. Gluten free baking is just a small way for me to do just that.

If you are ever in need of a party planner, contact Heather Varela because she is literally the best! Everything always looks fabulous and she has a knack for taking any theme and making it glamorous! Every party I have gone to or seen pictures of that she has planned or been a part of has been amazing. She is so creative and talented at combing ideas and making each room a different, yet cohesive environment. One of my favorite parts was her little line up of Watch Tess Grow pictures. There was a picture of Tess for each month in her first year and each was as adorable as the next. There was so much joy surrounding Tess at the party and it was such a great time of celebrating her cuteness and the ones who helped her get that way.

It was a little difficult for Tess to get past all the frosting so she ended up just doing an adorable little face plant into the cake. In the future I will definitely try to make the cake part a little more accessible, but in the end Tess still got plenty of sugar and some good photo ops. Congratulations to Heather and Joe on your precious little one year old. I have no doubt that she is going to conquer the world!