It’s really difficult not to want to make pie everyday after it turns out as well as this bake did! This was a just because I got pie crust cutters and had extra pie crust in the freezer bake. It ended up tasting delicious and was shared in a spontaneous way.

Apple Pie Baked

I last minute asked some friends if they were around and wanted some pie. Luckily they were more than willing to help out with its consumption. We also ended up sharing with my neighbors who happened to be having a fire outside with some of their friends. So we joined the fire and experienced a kind of strange but entertaining melding of different personalities.

I am loving taking pictures of the creations that I am making! It is so fun to share the process and more importantly the final product. I love this little series of photos that shoes the making of this pie from the near start to the end result. I definitely learned some good tips from my first pie bake of the season and can’t wait to see how the next one turns out!

Apple Pie out of the oven

I was so ecstatic taking this pie out of the oven that I immediately plopped it on the stove and took a picture. It smelt delicious and the bubbling of the pie as it came out of the oven was an extremely satisfying sound. I was asked in the last post if I made another pie with the pie crust cutters to actually see the details. To that I say Yes! and it turned out beautifully in my opinion! Thanks for reading!