I was bombarded by the fact that this past Sunday was National Cake day while enjoying the Patriots game. I was innocently scrolling through my Instagram feed (possibly during a commercial, but maybe not, please don’t hate) when I came across a picture of a cake with a glaring #nationalcakeday comment. How could I have possibly not known that it was National Cake Day!!!! Of all the National appreciation days for me to have written in stone on my calendar, this would be the one! Alas, I had no idea, but immediately wanted to give it some love.

Snoowflake on cake

This cake used very simple techniques, but still ended up looking pretty stunning. There’s just something about the uniform pattern of swiped frosting that is pleasing to the eye. Even before I put the snowflakes on it had a simplistic beauty. This National Cake Day bake consisted of a white chocolate cake with raspberry filling. This was my first time making a white chocolate cake, it ended up a little too crumbly, but tasted pretty darn good. With a few tweaks I think the recipe can be a winner! There was a minor fiasco while frosting the cake, but lesson learned don’t put the weakest cake layer on the bottom.

uniform smear cake

I ended up bringing this cake into work. Another one of my coworkers brought in some mini-cheesecakes so our team is just continuing to be stuffed with holiday treats. I guess we are all just prepping our bodies for hibernation…

three flakes on cake

It was slightly unnecessary for me to have made this cake, but I love any excuse to practice as it’s the only way I will get better. I want to practice new decorating techniques as well as recipes to get the knowledge I need to start making recipes of my own! This cake was a welcoming of winter even though I am not really okay with it coming. I have accepted the inevitable in the hopes that it won’t be as bad as I think it will.