We have been set free! Easter is such a wonderful holiday for celebrating with the people we love and recognizing the sacrifice of one much greater than us. Our successes are dulled in the Glory of the Cross. We are no match for the Grace and Peace that God has given us. We are undeserving and yet have been blessed with the greatest gift of forgiveness. The extreme humility and selflessness that Christ showed us on the Cross is ever worthy of celebration. Easter is about something much greater than the Easter bunny and arrival of spring.

Happy Easter

Now that is not to say that it isn’t nice to celebrate in this way, but it is important to orient our hearts towards Christ on this day. We can’t forget the sacrifice or this day just becomes another day to eat chocolate and give little ones gifts. There may be some people that say that we shouldn’t even acknowledge the Easter bunny or any part of the day that could re-orient away from Christ. I believe that these traditions should be used as an impossible example of Christ’s sacrifice. By giving of our means and time we try to embody a little of His love for us.

He Is Risen

We are to surrender ourselves to God’s people like he did for us. There is no way for us to compete with His perfect act, but it is not wrong for us to try. I love giving of my time to others by making hopefully delicious and good looking sweets. There is so much more that I can do for God’s people. I hope to continue to seek out and execute those opportunities.

Easter bunny

I am grateful to have the opportunity to know Christ’s sacrifice. I hope that this Easter day brings you great Joy in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. He died for our sins so that we may be made new and we don’t relish in that enough. Or at least I don’t. I should stand in wonder everyday at the magnitude and complexity of His sacrifice. There is so much beauty in giving up oneself for a loved one. The fact that Jesus did this for each and everyone of us in the greatest and most complete way is unfathomable. I am encouraged today to be more cognizant of the ways I can serve not only my loved ones, but those that I may not know but have a great need. Happy Easter All!