Who doesn’t love an excuse to eat tacos? They are definitely one of the greatest meals invented in my opinion. Each person can make them however they want and a little goes a long way. They are the perfect way to get people together around the table! I couldn’t resist having people over to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. I always feel a little weird making a big deal of Holidays that aren’t really associated with my history, but I love any reason to celebrate the history that gave us tacos and tortilla chips!

mmmmm Tacos

This fiesta was really brought on by me bringing a dinner for a friend at church who recently had a baby. I realized that the day I had been scheduled was Cinco de Mayo. I immediately got inspired to give them the opportunity to celebrate in a special way. Since I was already on the Cinco de Mayo theme in my head I decided that a fiesta was a necessary next step. So I started inviting people knowing that it didn’t really matter if no one ended up coming because tacos sounded reaaalllly good and I was not going to let other peoples schedules stop me from experiencing the scrumptiousness. Thankfully my friends have the same feelings towards tacos as I do so we were all able to experience the glory!

Brett was away for the build up to this fiesta, so I was on my own with the prep-work, but was so happy when he came back over-tired and jumped right into helping me out and making his famous guacamole! I try to embody him when I make it, but he’s just so much better at it! He also was super helpful and ran to the grocery store to pick up what I inevitably forgot. The tacos turned out delishhhh, but I haven’t even started to talk about what we are all really here for… The sweetness, the scrumptiousness, the two s’s because you just want more… DESSERT!!! So what goes amazing with tacos you may be asking!!!

Yum Churros

Churros I tell you! Churros! If these don’t look decadent to you, then oh man do we have a problem! The oven baked cinnamon sugar doughy perfection hit the spot. I made a little milk/dark chocolate sauce for dipping that just added to the experience. Brett thought that the churros were best without the chocolate sauce, but I am pretty sure he is the only one that felt that way. In his words “It’s because I just likes plain things.” I am not sure what that says about me, but I try not to look too much into that…

gimme more churros

Anyways, These churros were a fun way to end the meal and were easy to bring out to the fire that out neighbors were having that we might have accidently hijacked. I don’t think they minded that we joined in, but I always try to bring an offering of appreciation. All in all, this fiesta was a success and a little picture of the many summer nights that are coming to us really soon! Thank God for warm nights at the end of a loooong winter!