Nothing is scarier than presenting yourself and your dreams to the world. This is just the beginning of my dreams. There are many times where my perfectionism doesn’t love the outcome. There are many times where the pressure of my perfectionism makes the process stressful. There are many times I don’t think that my creations can stand with pride next to that of others.

I so often tend towards the phrase I hate. This can be anything from something I made to a circumstance that I have been thrown into or cast from. It is always an exaggeration. I don’t mean that I hate it, I mean that it makes me uncomfortable. It makes me vulnerable. It makes me feel like I have failed. This is my attempt to overcome my fear of failure. This is my attempt to go after my dreams even though I think they are far greater than I am capable.

The weight of this site and the name in particular weighs very heavy on me. They mean a lot to me. The name means a lot because it is far greater than this site. My dreams for


extend farther than sharing posts about things I have made. They are far greater than my current abilities, but if I don’t start now I never will. That is the thing about life, you are never really ready for what comes next. There is always something to learn from the experiences and dreams we pursue.

On this site you will find a compilation of things I make for the people that surround me. Sometimes it is for a special occasion and sometimes it is just because. It could be a dessert, a website, or who knows what. I love trying and making new things and this is just another outlet for me to share it with the interwebs.